Nov 26 2011

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Pugs N Roses is an official 501 3 c rescue



Alana and her husband Roger have a 2 young sons. They own 5 dogs – Gizmo – an 17 year old fawn pug, Gidget – a 10 year old chug, Hero – an 8 year old pugaso, Murphy – a 3 year old black pug, and Lucy – a 7 year old beagle. Gidget was adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society – she suffered from severe mange. Hero and Murphy were both adopted from Ramona Humane Society. Their love of all their shelter dogs convinced them to start a rescue.

Jessica—VP of Fosters&Adoptions

jessica Jessica lives in Huntington Beach with her husband and 2 young sons, and many rescue dogs.


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