Dec 14 2011

Rescue Tails – Edward, Jacob, Lulu, Nina, Joey, Sinatra

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This was our biggest rescue mission of them all!

It’s very hard to adopt little dogs out in Southern California. However in Canada and the Pacific Northwest there are people who wait for small dogs. Here’s our crazy story of our first international pet transport.



Sinatra at Shelter

I pulled Sinatra from Animal Friends of the Valley. He was a senior and was slated to be killed. Carrie fostered him in Temecula. We tried to adopt him out but were unsuccessful even though he is the sweetest dog.

Sexy Sinatra in his foster home


Joey at OC Shelter

Shannon first noticed a picture of Joey on the OC website. It was such a bad picture that he got no interest and his time was running out. We saved him and Shannon fostered him. He is very sweet but again we were having problems adopting him out.

Joey in his foster home

Lulu & Nina

Lulu at shelter.

Nina at Shelter

Lulu and Nina are both chihuahua/dachshunds mixes that were on the urgent euthanasia list at the OC animal shelter. They had to be out by the end of the day on Monday. Shawna and Patt pulled them in the nick of time. But we had no fosters at that time so they had to go to boarding.

Lulu and Nina on their way to freedom!


Edward Shelter

Edward is our miracle dog. Riverside Shelter thought he was exposed to parvo and he was scheduled to be PTS. Amy and I both called and were told that he had been PTS that morning. Someone on Facebook called the shelter back and was told he was alive but would be PTS at 5. It was 3:47. I lived an hour and a half away. Carrie rushed to Riverside and arrived at 4:54. But Edward was very very sick. The amazing vet – All Creatures Animal Hospital – called me in the morning to tell me that Edward had parvo! We fought it and after $1000 dollars he recovered.

Edward on his way to freedom


Jacob at shelter

Jacob was at Baldwin Park Shelter. He was being held as evidence for a court case and was a victim of abuse. He wasn’t networked at all or even on their special pet profile list. We were told he had through the end of the day and Shawna pulled him to safety. We boarded him.

Jacob heading to safety

So we contacted a dog rescue in Canada – Dachshund and small dog rescue. They agreed to take Joey, Nina, Lulu, and Sinatra. They had many applications on all of them and they were all adopted out!

Jacob and Edward went to Lisa in Washington. She adopted Jacob and found a wonderful home for Edward.

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