Dec 17 2011

Hospitail – Prayers for Holly

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Holly is better – she is eating now and the doctor thinks she will make it. The bills have totaled over $5000 – please consider donating to the chipin or directly to the vet (number below). We can’t save any more dogs until we cover Holly’s bills. Holly will be in the hospital for at least another week.

Please pray for Holly.

Holly was pulled from the OC shelter. She was already spayed – however the shelter thought she wasn’t so they held her for another five days. Though she entered the shelter very healthy for her age (she’s around 8), she contracted pneumonia. Our wonderful foster Sila gave her medication and love but she wasn’t making any progress. Sila and her husband drove her from Palm Springs to Murrieta to All Creatures Animal Hospital. The amazing vet and staff have worked with her around the clock. She is improving but still critical. Today she even kept food down – the first time anyone has ever seen her eat! And she ran away from the vet when he tried to medicate her. But she still has a long way to go.

Please consider making a donation to her care – we cannot save any other animals until we can pay for Holly.

I’ve started a chipin below or if anyone feels more comfortable – they can call All Creatures Animal Hospital and contribute directly to the hospital. (951)600-0830

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