Jan 16 2012

Rescue Tail – Leo

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One of our most heartwarming rescues was of Leo. On November 19, Baldwin Park Shelter put out a plea and video to rescue Leo.

Lovely Leo

Leo is a gorgeous four year old purebred cocker spaniel that was dumped at the Baldwin Shelter by his owners because they were moving. He developed severe kennel cough and was given until Sunday at 1 ┬ábefore the shelter vet was going to put him to sleep. Shawna rushed to the shelter on a Sunday and arrived at 12:30. Leo was so sick – he couldn’t even walk and had to be carried out of the shelter by Ric Browde, who is an amazing volunteer.

Leo leaving the shelter

Poor Leo was so ill, he got very sick in Shawna’s car. Dr. Ahmed is an amazing vet. He immediately treated Leo but was guarded with his prognosis. After a month of hospitalization Leo made a drastic improvement.

Leo at the Vet

Leo had been through so much that we were happy to find him a foster. Julie took him in and he quickly bonded with her dog, Buddy.

Leo and his foster brother Buddy

Leo was in foster care for at least a month. He thrived with Julie but we wanted him to have his own forever home. Our rescue was finally approved to be on Petfinder and within 24 hours of posting Leo – I received 2 calls about him. He ended up being adopted into the most loving home with Jay and Ryan. He has a fellow cocker brother named Harley.

Leo and his dad Jay

Leo and his dad Ryan

Leo and his brother Harley

We are so happy that Leo found his forever home!

Leo in his forever home!

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  1. Jayon 17 Jan 2012 at 6:05 pm

    Leo has settled in with his new brother,Harley, and they are so loving to each other. Leo is having some vision issues but nothing too serious and Harley has stepped right up to help his brother. We are truly blessed to have been chosen to be Leo’s Dad’s. Thank you to Alena, Julie and all of you that saved Leo. I wish I could meet you all so you can see his life now.
    Jay – Dad#1

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