Jan 19 2012

Rescue Tail – Holly and Vixen

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Holly At Shelter

Holly was one of our most heartbreaking rescues. We first saw her picture on the OC shelter website. I immediately placed a hold on her. We arranged to have her pulled. But there was a mixup at the shelter and they confused her with an unaltered pug. So they shelter held her for a week for a spay – but Holly was already spayed.

Holly at OC - waiting

We also at this time saw the picture of a sweet min pin named Vixen at South Los Angeles Shelter on the day we were pulling Comet and Noel. Sila offered to foster her so we pulled her also.

Vixen at shelter

When our puller finally picked her up – she was already sick. We thought it was just standard kennel cough – but we were dead wrong. Dawn from Gone with the Dogs rescue – our favorite partner rescue! – transported Holly to her foster mommy – Sila.

Holly and Vixen at their foster home

The first night went okay. Holly was sick so Sila took her to the vet. He said she had pneumonia and prescribed some antibiotics – but she wasn’t getting better.

Holly at her foster moms

Sila took her back to the vet and she wasn’t improving. Sila and her husband drove her 200 miles back to our amazing vet Dr. Ahmed at All Creatures Animal Hospital.

Holly heading to the vet

Holly was so sick by the time she arrived at the vet that he didn’t think she would make it. She wouldn’t eat anything. Pugs N Roses spent thousands of dollars trying to save her.

Holly fighting for her life

She tried to give up several times but the vet techs gave her love and she finally ate! After three weeks in the hospital she recovered. And she was adopted by a wonderful family.

Holly's furever family!

Meanwhile Vixen spent the holidays with Sila but she went on vacation and we placed Vixen with another foster. But Sila missed her so much she became a foster fail and adopted Vixen when she returned from her trip.

Vixen and her mommy - Sila

So we are thrilled that Vixen and Holly found their forever homes!

We are still struggling with Holly’s bills. So if you can make a donation – it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Robi Kellyon 19 Jan 2012 at 7:22 pm

    These two woofies and their lives how endangered they were especially one with Pneumonia….how touching and selfless Sila is and her husband! God bless them…and the medical team, and other adopter! I will thank God tonite for having all of you in this world to help the woofies! may he always give you guidance and strength to help the animals! AMEN

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