May 05 2012

Rescue Tails – Chelsea, Mr. Beasley and Ripley

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Sweet little Chelsea came to us from a failed rescue. The rescue closed up and abandoned Chelsea and three other dogs at an elderly foster lady’s home. We immediately fell in love with Chelsea.

Chelsea with PnR founder Alana

Chelsea went into foster with Shannon. Shawna’s friend Patt wanted to adopt her, but her pug bullied Chelsea.

Sweet Chelsea

Chelsea was adopted by Patt’s friend Rose and is happy in her forever home.

Chelsea at her forever home

Shawna and I saw Ripley on petfinder. He wasn’t being networked. Shawna rescued him from Baldwin Shelter.

Ripley's Freedom Picture

Ripley is gorgeous. He is a pug/Chihuahua mix. We put him into foster but he escaped from the foster’s home. Our fosters were full so we shipped him to Washington with our foster, Cassie. Ripley was adopted by Laural and was renamed Bandit. Bandit did get sick after transport but our rescue paid for his vet care and now he is healthy and happy.

Bandit in his forever home

Mr. Beasley was on the Animal Friends of the Valley Shelter page.

Mr Beasley Shelter

A local lady pulled and fostered him until Amy could pick him up and take him to Las Vegas.

Mr. Beasley Free

He was adopted in Las Vegas.

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