Nov 26 2011

Rescue Tails – Izzy and Jenni

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Izzy At OC Shelter

I first saw pictures of Izzy on Facebook. I couldn’t get that sweet puggle mug out of my mind. I networked her and would check the shelter site daily to see if the sweet angel had been adopted. But every time I clicked, her profile would still be up on the website – hoping to find a home.

At some point, there was a facebook mixup – some rescuers had incorrectly confused Izzy with a fat Chihuahua/pug aka Chug named Jenni. Precious days were lost networking both since they were thought to be the same dog.

Jenni At OC Shelter

I’ve been a member of San Diego Pug Rescue as long as I can remember. I have four dogs myself; three of them are shelter dogs. But San Diego Pug Rescue’s foster’s were full and they don’t take pug mixes. We were running out of options – and time.

I had recently been authorized to pull pugs from Orange County Animal Shelter but we didn’t have a place for the mixes. Since I was heading out of town on vacation and both dogs had been in the shelter over a month, I decided to take action. My husband and I drove up from San Diego, with our 8-month-old son in toe, on a pug mix rescue mission.

Freedom! Izzy with my husband – minutes after fleeing shelter.

We instantly fell in love with Izzy – she was sweet, effervescent, and very smart. Above is a picture of Izzy charming my husband.

Jenni however was another story – she snapped at Izzy and was extremely hyper.

Jenni in the back of our Tahoe – minutes after gaining her freedom.

We drove them to All Creatures Animal Hospital in Murrieta.

Izzy had a cherry eye – which probably scared away adopters. A shelter favorite, the staff was baffled why this affable dog couldn’t find a home. I scheduled surgery for her and started taking applications for her. Within a week, she found a wonderful home with Kevin. He absolutely adores her (new name is Kita) and spoils her rotten. She is a lucky girl.

Kita being spoiled

Jenni wasn’t so easy – we found out she was in heat so we spayed her. Then she calmed down and became quite lovable. I have a friend who runs a pug rescue in Maryland – and she had an adopter who wanted Jenni. So I shipped Jenni to Maryland – and her mom loves her.

Jenni and her mom in Maryland

I would like to thank the wonderful staff of OC Animal Shelter, especially Katie Ingram and Tammy Osborn. I’m so delighted that I was able to help these wonderful dogs find loving homes.

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