Nov 26 2011

Rescue Tails – Wally and Sally

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So you might ask how I got into rescue. I always wanted to help but besides adopting my own dogs and finding a home for Brody, I didn’t know where to begin.

It all started with the picture of Wally.

I’d been tracking him on Animal Friends of the Valley adoptable friends page. He was creeping to the top of the list and I knew that he could be killed any day. But I didn’t know how to help – so when I saw a desperate plea on San Diego Pug Rescue’s page for anyone to grab him, I knew I had to help. I contacted the rescue and got in touch with Lisa who pulled Wally. She also pulled a Pekinese named Sally.

    Lisa took Sally to boarding, which I paid for. It cost me a fortune since the shelter said she had kennel cough. Then Amy, a dog rescuer in Las Vegas, drove up and transported both Wally and Sally to Las Vegas. They were both adopted out. Sally now lives in Portland and Wally lives in Vegas. I was so glad to meet Amy who has now helped me rescue a bunch of dogs.

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