May 07 2012

Rescue Tails – Mars, Wilbur, Pringles, Trudy

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Mars was one of our first rescues from Baldwin Park.

Mars at Shelter

This doxie/pug puppy had been at the shelter for two months. He didn’t get along with many dogs so he was labeled as needed to be adopted as only dog. This hurt his chances for rescue. We asked several rescues to take him but they turned us down. We finally found him a foster but for some reason, Mars didn’t get a lot of interest. We adopted out older dogs and no one asked about Mars.

Mars in Foster

We put him on a transport to Washington where he was adopted by a couple. But Mars so scared after transport that he seemed aggressive. We found him a rescue in Canada and he was placed in a home there.

Wilbur at Shelter

Wilbur was a pug/Pekinese that was stuck at North Central Shelter. He became very sick with kennel cough.

Wilbur in Foster

Amy fostered him in Vegas and he found a forever home.

I saw Pringles on a networking picture sight. She was at Lancaster which is very high kill shelter.

Pringles at Shelter

Though she had made pet of the week and had been transferred to their no kill adoption center, she came down with kennel cough and a UTI. She was transferred back to the kill shelter and was set to be put down. We pulled off a rescue on New Years Eve.

Pringles Freedom Pic

She went to foster with Amy in Las Vegas but she was very sick.

Pringles in Foster

She was adopted out but she ran away and the adopter didn’t look for her. Amy took her back and Pringles finally found her forever home.

Trudy was on the Baldwin Park network list.

Trudy at Shelter

She was a pug mix puppy who only had one ear. We have no idea what happened to the other ear but it probably was lost as a result of abuse. Sweet Trudy was pulled by Kristen.

Trudy's freedom pic

Then she went to foster in Las Vegas with Amy where she was adopted.

Trudy Adopted


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