May 26 2012

Rescue Tails – Frosty and Bailey

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Frosty and Bailey were on the urgent list at the OC shelter. Shawna went to pull two dogs – but when she got there, the shelter wouldn’t give her Frosty because they said he was aggressive.

Frosty at Shelter

And the other dog we were supposed to get had actually been adopted already but they had given the man the wrong dog. They gave the man Bailey instead of the dog we were supposed to pull – so poor Bailey had to go back into the shelter.

Bailey at Shelter

So Shawna left with no dogs. After wrangling with the OC shelter, they agreed to release Frosty to us (they wanted to put him to sleep) and we also took Bailey.

Frosty Freedom Picture


Bailey Freedom Picture

At the time, our adoptions had slowed down. We had too many in boarding. So we shipped Frosty and Bailey up to Washington where they were placed into foster with Cassie.

Bailey was adopted quickly. His new family loves him and his new name is Spyder.

Bailey Home

Frosty wasn’t so easy. He was aggressive. Had probably never been show any love. With Cassie warmth, after two months of warmth and love, Frosty was adopted.

Frosty at home


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