Apr 14 2013

Rescue Tail – Hero

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When my husband got out of the Marine Corps – all he wanted was a big dog. We already had 3 pugs – Gizmo and Zorro – the two I had before I met him, and Gidget – the pug we adopted while he was stationed in Hawaii. We also reasoned that it would be smart to adopt a dog now, while we were childless, so we could train him before we started a family. We went to the Ramona Humane Society, and looked at many dogs. We chose a big fluffy terrier name Halo but when he met Gidget, he tried to eat her. He attacked her and put her in his mouth and wouldn’t let her go. We were heartbroken but we couldn’t endanger the life of our current dogs.

The shelter director was really nice and took the time to talk with us. She asked if we would be interested in a puppy. We initially said no, we wanted an older dog that would be harder to find a home. But she brought us out Hero.



Hero was listed as a lab/pug. My husband didn’t believe he was half pug and thought that the director just told us that because she knew we had pugs. But he looks like a pug mix to me – he has a shorter snout and a curly tail and pug eyes. We later did a DNA test and it showed – half pug/ lhaso apso with traces of airedale terrier and chow. We say he’s a pugcaso.

He’s a wonderful dog – great with our sons, very submissive. He is protective of us.

Another great dog from Ramona Humane Society!

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