Aug 04 2014

Rescue Tail – Shamrock

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Shamrock at Shelter

When we first saw the picture of Shamrock, we were stunned at how beautiful he was. A rare Pug/Lab mix, we knew we had to save him.

Here is his video at the shelter – his name was Zaba.

We rescued him –

Shamrock Freedom Pic

We were unsuccessful finding him a home in Southern California. I’m from Marin, so I asked my rescue friends up north to help me find him a great home. We had a great application. And we sent Shamrock on transport.

Shamrock Transport

Everyone fell in love with him on transport. But Shamrock found his forever home.

Shamrock and his dad!

Here is Shamrock with his dad, Barry.

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Aug 03 2014

Rescue Tails – Cookie and Ciro

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Cookie was rescued from the Downey Animal Shelter. Here’s a video of her at the shelter



Ciro was also rescued from Downey – here is a video of Ciro at Downey.

We sent both Ciro to our foster Cassie in Washington and Cookie to my brother in Washington. Ciro and Cookie were both adopted up there.

Cookie Free

Ciro Free





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Aug 03 2014

Rescue Tails-Kermit

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Kermit was a great pug mix that was abandoned at Animal Friends of the Valley in Wildomar. We rescued him and he was adopted quite quickly by a local Temecula family.

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Apr 14 2013

Rescue Tail – Hero

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When my husband got out of the Marine Corps – all he wanted was a big dog. We already had 3 pugs – Gizmo and Zorro – the two I had before I met him, and Gidget – the pug we adopted while he was stationed in Hawaii. We also reasoned that it would be smart to adopt a dog now, while we were childless, so we could train him before we started a family. We went to the Ramona Humane Society, and looked at many dogs. We chose a big fluffy terrier name Halo but when he met Gidget, he tried to eat her. He attacked her and put her in his mouth and wouldn’t let her go. We were heartbroken but we couldn’t endanger the life of our current dogs.

The shelter director was really nice and took the time to talk with us. She asked if we would be interested in a puppy. We initially said no, we wanted an older dog that would be harder to find a home. But she brought us out Hero.



Hero was listed as a lab/pug. My husband didn’t believe he was half pug and thought that the director just told us that because she knew we had pugs. But he looks like a pug mix to me – he has a shorter snout and a curly tail and pug eyes. We later did a DNA test and it showed – half pug/ lhaso apso with traces of airedale terrier and chow. We say he’s a pugcaso.

He’s a wonderful dog – great with our sons, very submissive. He is protective of us.

Another great dog from Ramona Humane Society!

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Feb 25 2013

Rescue Tails – Super Fly & Otis

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Sometime rescue isn’t about pulling, fostering, and placing dogs. Sometimes all these dogs need to save their life is money.

This heartbreaking picture of a senior pug showed up on the OC website. We called and found out that his owner was out of the country, he escaped the yard of his owner’s daughter, and she couldn’t afford to pay his bail. The rescue coordinator gave me the number of the owner’s daughter and she talked to me, crying. She explained that she had half the money and didn’t get paid until Thursday. The pug was getting sick. So I paid half the fee and she picked up the dog.

Super fly was a gorgeous chihuahua that was at the Baldwin Shelter. He had to be out and a rescue in Canada didn’t have the funds to fly him. I had worked with this rescue before and they are very reputable. I paid for his freedom and he was adopted shortly after he arrived.

So the bottom line, is there are many ways to help. If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, donate. If you can’t donate, volunteer.

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Feb 13 2013

Rescue Tails – Murphy

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Two weeks before my son, Connor was born, my beloved black pug, Zorro died. I was beyond devastated.



He was ten years old and I just couldn’t get over his loss.

We have three dogs and didn’t need or want another. But in March, six months after Zorro died, we went to the Ramona Humane Society, to donate food. And there was a male black pug waiting behind the bars.


I couldn’t believe my eyes! I felt that Zorro had sent him to me. We adopted him and he’s been a wonderful dog.

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Jun 12 2012

Rescue Tails – Alfie and Poppy

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We were thrilled when Downey Animal Shelter started networking their pets on facebook.

In their first networking list, we saw Alfie and Poppy.

Alfie at Shelter

Video of Alfie at the shelter.

Poppy at Shelter

Video of Poppy at the shelter.

They were both so adorable that we went to pull them.

Alfie's Freedom Picture

Poppy's Freedom Picture

We didn’t have any local fosters so we sent them to foster with Cassie in Washington.

Poppy was adopted immediately by a military family – but they didn’t want Alfie.

Poppy and Alfie on the ferry to meet Poppy's family

But within an hour of adopting Poppy, her new dad let her out in the backyard and scared Poppy escaped. The new family didn’t let us know for six hours.

We immediately paid for a Find Toto alert and within 20 minutes, a lady called and told us that she found Poppy and already took her to the humane society.

Cassie drove to the humane society and claimed Poppy. We decided to find a new home that would take both Poppy and Alfie as a pair.

Poppy and Alfie are now living in a wonderful home where they can be together.

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May 26 2012

Rescue Tails – Frosty and Bailey

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Frosty and Bailey were on the urgent list at the OC shelter. Shawna went to pull two dogs – but when she got there, the shelter wouldn’t give her Frosty because they said he was aggressive.

Frosty at Shelter

And the other dog we were supposed to get had actually been adopted already but they had given the man the wrong dog. They gave the man Bailey instead of the dog we were supposed to pull – so poor Bailey had to go back into the shelter.

Bailey at Shelter

So Shawna left with no dogs. After wrangling with the OC shelter, they agreed to release Frosty to us (they wanted to put him to sleep) and we also took Bailey.

Frosty Freedom Picture


Bailey Freedom Picture

At the time, our adoptions had slowed down. We had too many in boarding. So we shipped Frosty and Bailey up to Washington where they were placed into foster with Cassie.

Bailey was adopted quickly. His new family loves him and his new name is Spyder.

Bailey Home

Frosty wasn’t so easy. He was aggressive. Had probably never been show any love. With Cassie warmth, after two months of warmth and love, Frosty was adopted.

Frosty at home


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May 07 2012

Rescue Tails – Mars, Wilbur, Pringles, Trudy

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Mars was one of our first rescues from Baldwin Park.

Mars at Shelter

This doxie/pug puppy had been at the shelter for two months. He didn’t get along with many dogs so he was labeled as needed to be adopted as only dog. This hurt his chances for rescue. We asked several rescues to take him but they turned us down. We finally found him a foster but for some reason, Mars didn’t get a lot of interest. We adopted out older dogs and no one asked about Mars.

Mars in Foster

We put him on a transport to Washington where he was adopted by a couple. But Mars so scared after transport that he seemed aggressive. We found him a rescue in Canada and he was placed in a home there.

Wilbur at Shelter

Wilbur was a pug/Pekinese that was stuck at North Central Shelter. He became very sick with kennel cough.

Wilbur in Foster

Amy fostered him in Vegas and he found a forever home.

I saw Pringles on a networking picture sight. She was at Lancaster which is very high kill shelter.

Pringles at Shelter

Though she had made pet of the week and had been transferred to their no kill adoption center, she came down with kennel cough and a UTI. She was transferred back to the kill shelter and was set to be put down. We pulled off a rescue on New Years Eve.

Pringles Freedom Pic

She went to foster with Amy in Las Vegas but she was very sick.

Pringles in Foster

She was adopted out but she ran away and the adopter didn’t look for her. Amy took her back and Pringles finally found her forever home.

Trudy was on the Baldwin Park network list.

Trudy at Shelter

She was a pug mix puppy who only had one ear. We have no idea what happened to the other ear but it probably was lost as a result of abuse. Sweet Trudy was pulled by Kristen.

Trudy's freedom pic

Then she went to foster in Las Vegas with Amy where she was adopted.

Trudy Adopted


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May 05 2012

Rescue Tails – Chelsea, Mr. Beasley and Ripley

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Sweet little Chelsea came to us from a failed rescue. The rescue closed up and abandoned Chelsea and three other dogs at an elderly foster lady’s home. We immediately fell in love with Chelsea.

Chelsea with PnR founder Alana

Chelsea went into foster with Shannon. Shawna’s friend Patt wanted to adopt her, but her pug bullied Chelsea.

Sweet Chelsea

Chelsea was adopted by Patt’s friend Rose and is happy in her forever home.

Chelsea at her forever home

Shawna and I saw Ripley on petfinder. He wasn’t being networked. Shawna rescued him from Baldwin Shelter.

Ripley's Freedom Picture

Ripley is gorgeous. He is a pug/Chihuahua mix. We put him into foster but he escaped from the foster’s home. Our fosters were full so we shipped him to Washington with our foster, Cassie. Ripley was adopted by Laural and was renamed Bandit. Bandit did get sick after transport but our rescue paid for his vet care and now he is healthy and happy.

Bandit in his forever home

Mr. Beasley was on the Animal Friends of the Valley Shelter page.

Mr Beasley Shelter

A local lady pulled and fostered him until Amy could pick him up and take him to Las Vegas.

Mr. Beasley Free

He was adopted in Las Vegas.

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