Mar 17 2012

Rescue Tails – Night and Nika

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At 3:45 on a December 26 – I saw Nights picture on a Friends Of Freddie networking picture of facebook. He was due to be put down at Devore at 5.

Night at Shelter

I didn’t have a puller there and lived 2 hours from the shelter. I called Devore and begged the lady to give me the name of a puller – she wouldn’t. I posted all over facebook – no luck. Then I called Devore back and a different lady told me there was a puller there! She took my number and said she would give me the message. I waited for the call.

Within 10 minutes Liraz called me – she was happy to pull Night for us. She also told us of an urgent black chihuahua mix that was also due to be killed.


Nika at Shelter

I told her I would take both.

Night's freedom pic

Nika's Freedom Pic

Liraz took them both to All Creatures Animal Hospital in Murrieta.

Nika went to foster with Natalie. She was adopted up in Washington.

Pretty Nika

Julie fostered Night. She fell in love with him and almost adopted him herself but her brother adopted him.

Sweet Night



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Feb 25 2012

Rescue Tails – Jill, Shiloh, Tilly and Mimi

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On New Years Eve – I saw Jill’s networking picture at Lancaster.

Jill at Lancaster

She is the cutest pug/boston Terrier mix. But I didn’t know anyone who could pull from Lancaster and that shelter is very high kill and also three hours away from where I live.

I called the shelter and they said she was super urgent and they couldn’t guarantee she would be there by morning.

I called my friends at Gone to the Dogs rescue and they found someone to pull her for me.

Jill's Freedom Picture

He took her to rescue oasis, a boarding facility nearby. We couldn’t find transport down to us but another rescue, Sunny Skies, agreed to take her and they adopted her out shortly after she arrived.


Gorgeous Tilly was also a pug/boston mix. She was at Kern County. When Gone to the Dogs went to pull another dog, they saw her and pulled her for us. She stayed in foster for a few weeks with Trudy and then she was transported down to Katella.

We received 10 applications on her in the first week. She was adopted out to a great family and now has a Boxer brother.

Tilly Forever Home

Shiloh and Mimi were both on Baldwin Park’s networking lists.

Shiloh at Shelter

Shiloh was a sweet chihuahua mix puppy with a broken leg. The shelter paid to get her leg fixed.

Shiloh Freedom Picture

He was adopted shortly after we pulled him and now has a great life with his human brother.

Shiloh's Furever Home

We pulled Mimi because we had someone contact us who was interested in her.

Mimi at Shelter

But once we pulled her the adopter backed out! We didn’t have a foster for her so she went into boarding.

Mimi's Freedom Pic

But boarding was very stressful for her. She was extremely scared there. Luckily, our rescue friends at Collar of Hope found an adopter for her so we transferred her up to them.

Mimi at boarding




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Feb 10 2012

Rescue Tails – Oso and Mandrake

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Mandrake's Networking Photo

Adorable Mandrake had no interest. He was on the Baldwin Park Shelter, and this cute puggle/dachshunds mix stole our heart.

Mandrake at Shelter

Shawna saved him with Zoey and Galahad, both of whom were adopted almost immediately.

Mandrake's Freedom Picture

We were baffled why this cute guy didn’t get any interest. One lady applied and backed out when we couldn’t guarantee he was housetrained. So poor little Mandrake spent both Christmas and New Years in boarding at the vet.

But 2012 is Mandrake’s year. We received an application from a wonderful family. Mandrake was adopted and they absolutely love him and are willing to give this puppy the attention he needs and deserves.

Mandrake with his family


Oso was also at Baldwin Park.

Oso at shelter

We immediately fell in love with his shelter pictures. Look at that smile! We don’t just rescue pugs – we rescue any breed of dog that is urgent. And Oso was running out of time so Shawna pulled him.

Oso's Freedom Picture

He is so sweet. He is a corgi/spaniel mix. We received an application on him right away and adopted him out to a lovely couple. Oso now has a corgi/spaniel sister named Bella.

Oso and his new sister Bella

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Feb 04 2012

Rescue Tail – Heidi

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Beautiful, sweet Heidi was rescued from Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar, California, where she came in as a stray.  When I saw her intake photo, I just couldn’t forget about her and kept watching her, hoping her owner would come for her or that she would be adopted.  They had her listed as a senior so I was worried she wouldn’t get much time, and the animals at this shelter receive very little networking.   At the time, our rescue was having trouble rescuing dogs from this shelter, so I started contacting local dachshund rescues.  I didn’t receive a reply from most.  One did reply and said that they do not rescue from AFV.  I was so discouraged.  I begged everyone I knew, for someone to go and adopt her.  I knew her time was running out.

Heidi's shelter pic

Tuesday, two days before Thanksgiving, an acquaintance of mine who saw Heidi’s picture on facebook, contacted me to say she wanted to adopt her, but she wouldn’t be able to go to the shelter until the next day.   She called the shelter and they said that she would still be there unless she was adopted before she could come.  We were both nervous though, because Wednesday was their euthanasia day and it is usually done early in the morning.  We prayed she would be spared.  She went there Wednesday, and Heidi was still there!  She and her husband adopted Heidi, but the shelter had to keep her until Friday for her to get spayed, since Thursday was Thanksgiving.

Friday morning she called to see how Heidi was doing and we found out she had Kennel Cough and had never gone to be spayed!  The shelter would not release her.  Poor Heidi had to stay in the shelter another week.  Finally, we were able to get her out, but the shelter insisted she be spayed right away.  We didn’t want to do it, since she was just getting over being sick, but Heidi was spayed that Friday.   During the spay, it was discovered that she had a hernia.  The hernia was repaired while she was in for the spay, but resulted in a huge 7 inch long incision—quite a big surgery for a tiny ten and half pound dog.  Luckily the animal hospital did great work and she healed up great.

After careful consideration, the person that adopted Heidi to save her decided that though she dearly loved her, her dogs were just too big and rowdy for petite little Heidi and Heidi was placed in a foster-to-adopt home in Murrieta.  Through no fault of Heidi’s, this home ended up not being a right fit.  She was placed in another foster home in Temecula, for less than a week, before she finally found her forever match.   A wonderful couple in San Diego adopted her, who had just lost their own Molly, also a miniature dachshund, after a long battle with Cushings disease.  She is adored and spoiled as an only dog, and gets frequent play dates with their daughter’s small breed dogs, also rescues.

Heidi will still need to have some dental work done, which her new family is committed to having done, now that she is finally well enough to endure it.

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Jan 21 2012

Rescue Tail – Donner & Noel

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Not all of the dogs we find at the shelters are networked. Some dogs slip between the cracks and the only way to find out about them is through a search on Pet Harbor.

When Shawna was picking up Comet and Vixen at South Los Angeles shelter, I did a quick search on Pet Harbor. I saw this adorable picture of a pug mix.

Noel at Shelter

We just couldn’t leave her behind – she was adorable. The shelter said she came in lactating so she had obviously just had puppies and someone abandoned her.

My friend Patricia had a friend who wanted to adopt her – so we transported her from OC where she was in boarding to Patricia.

Noel being transported

Patricia took her to her forever home and they absolutely love her!

Noel in her furever home

She is great with kids also.

Noel relaxing near the baby.

Such a great dog!

Donner was not listed on the traditional Baldwin Park Networking List. Though Pound Pets listed him on their Facebook page, I found him on PetHarbor. He was at Baldwin Park Shelter.

Donner's Shelter Picture

Donner’s last chance for a home was at the Irvine Adoption Event.

Donner begging to be noticed

Shawna grabbed him at an adoption event.

Donner being pulled by Shawna

She transported him to Katella Animal Clinic to get healthy.

Donner's Freedom Picture

Donner was adopted by a wonderful couple – Jan and Denise. They’ve renamed him Sumo.

Sumo in his furever home

We’re so happy that Donner and Noel found homes for the holidays!

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Jan 19 2012

Rescue Tail – Holly and Vixen

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Holly At Shelter

Holly was one of our most heartbreaking rescues. We first saw her picture on the OC shelter website. I immediately placed a hold on her. We arranged to have her pulled. But there was a mixup at the shelter and they confused her with an unaltered pug. So they shelter held her for a week for a spay – but Holly was already spayed.

Holly at OC - waiting

We also at this time saw the picture of a sweet min pin named Vixen at South Los Angeles Shelter on the day we were pulling Comet and Noel. Sila offered to foster her so we pulled her also.

Vixen at shelter

When our puller finally picked her up – she was already sick. We thought it was just standard kennel cough – but we were dead wrong. Dawn from Gone with the Dogs rescue – our favorite partner rescue! – transported Holly to her foster mommy – Sila.

Holly and Vixen at their foster home

The first night went okay. Holly was sick so Sila took her to the vet. He said she had pneumonia and prescribed some antibiotics – but she wasn’t getting better.

Holly at her foster moms

Sila took her back to the vet and she wasn’t improving. Sila and her husband drove her 200 miles back to our amazing vet Dr. Ahmed at All Creatures Animal Hospital.

Holly heading to the vet

Holly was so sick by the time she arrived at the vet that he didn’t think she would make it. She wouldn’t eat anything. Pugs N Roses spent thousands of dollars trying to save her.

Holly fighting for her life

She tried to give up several times but the vet techs gave her love and she finally ate! After three weeks in the hospital she recovered. And she was adopted by a wonderful family.

Holly's furever family!

Meanwhile Vixen spent the holidays with Sila but she went on vacation and we placed Vixen with another foster. But Sila missed her so much she became a foster fail and adopted Vixen when she returned from her trip.

Vixen and her mommy - Sila

So we are thrilled that Vixen and Holly found their forever homes!

We are still struggling with Holly’s bills. So if you can make a donation – it would be greatly appreciated.

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Jan 16 2012

Rescue Tail – Leo

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One of our most heartwarming rescues was of Leo. On November 19, Baldwin Park Shelter put out a plea and video to rescue Leo.

Lovely Leo

Leo is a gorgeous four year old purebred cocker spaniel that was dumped at the Baldwin Shelter by his owners because they were moving. He developed severe kennel cough and was given until Sunday at 1  before the shelter vet was going to put him to sleep. Shawna rushed to the shelter on a Sunday and arrived at 12:30. Leo was so sick – he couldn’t even walk and had to be carried out of the shelter by Ric Browde, who is an amazing volunteer.

Leo leaving the shelter

Poor Leo was so ill, he got very sick in Shawna’s car. Dr. Ahmed is an amazing vet. He immediately treated Leo but was guarded with his prognosis. After a month of hospitalization Leo made a drastic improvement.

Leo at the Vet

Leo had been through so much that we were happy to find him a foster. Julie took him in and he quickly bonded with her dog, Buddy.

Leo and his foster brother Buddy

Leo was in foster care for at least a month. He thrived with Julie but we wanted him to have his own forever home. Our rescue was finally approved to be on Petfinder and within 24 hours of posting Leo – I received 2 calls about him. He ended up being adopted into the most loving home with Jay and Ryan. He has a fellow cocker brother named Harley.

Leo and his dad Jay

Leo and his dad Ryan

Leo and his brother Harley

We are so happy that Leo found his forever home!

Leo in his forever home!

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Dec 31 2011

Rescue Tails – Comet, St. Nick, Galahad, Zoey

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In November, Shawna pulled Galahad and Zoey from Baldwin Park Shelter. She went there to pull a few other dogs but one was adopted while she was in the lobby so Ric Brownde recommended she take these two.

Galahad at the Shelter

Galahad was a chihuahua puppy. He was found in La Puente.

Zoey and Galahad's freedom ride

He was adopted to Shawna’s friend.

Galahad going to his new home

Zoey was a shih tzu at Baldwin Park. She was matted and dirty.

Zoey Shelter Pic

Zoey was adopted by Shawna’s father-in-law.

Zoey Freedom Pic

Comet was a pug mix on his final days at the South LA Shelter.

Comet Shelter Pic

St Nick was a puggle at North Central LA Shelter.

St Nick Shelter

Since we didn’t want St Nick and Comet to spend their Christmas in boarding and our foster homes were full, we transported them to Collar of Hope rescue in Washington. Here are pictures in their foster homes.

Comet in Foster

St Nick Foster

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Dec 17 2011

Hospitail – Prayers for Holly

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Holly is better – she is eating now and the doctor thinks she will make it. The bills have totaled over $5000 – please consider donating to the chipin or directly to the vet (number below). We can’t save any more dogs until we cover Holly’s bills. Holly will be in the hospital for at least another week.

Please pray for Holly.

Holly was pulled from the OC shelter. She was already spayed – however the shelter thought she wasn’t so they held her for another five days. Though she entered the shelter very healthy for her age (she’s around 8), she contracted pneumonia. Our wonderful foster Sila gave her medication and love but she wasn’t making any progress. Sila and her husband drove her from Palm Springs to Murrieta to All Creatures Animal Hospital. The amazing vet and staff have worked with her around the clock. She is improving but still critical. Today she even kept food down – the first time anyone has ever seen her eat! And she ran away from the vet when he tried to medicate her. But she still has a long way to go.

Please consider making a donation to her care – we cannot save any other animals until we can pay for Holly.

I’ve started a chipin below or if anyone feels more comfortable – they can call All Creatures Animal Hospital and contribute directly to the hospital. (951)600-0830

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Dec 14 2011

Rescue Tails – Edward, Jacob, Lulu, Nina, Joey, Sinatra

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This was our biggest rescue mission of them all!

It’s very hard to adopt little dogs out in Southern California. However in Canada and the Pacific Northwest there are people who wait for small dogs. Here’s our crazy story of our first international pet transport.



Sinatra at Shelter

I pulled Sinatra from Animal Friends of the Valley. He was a senior and was slated to be killed. Carrie fostered him in Temecula. We tried to adopt him out but were unsuccessful even though he is the sweetest dog.

Sexy Sinatra in his foster home


Joey at OC Shelter

Shannon first noticed a picture of Joey on the OC website. It was such a bad picture that he got no interest and his time was running out. We saved him and Shannon fostered him. He is very sweet but again we were having problems adopting him out.

Joey in his foster home

Lulu & Nina

Lulu at shelter.

Nina at Shelter

Lulu and Nina are both chihuahua/dachshunds mixes that were on the urgent euthanasia list at the OC animal shelter. They had to be out by the end of the day on Monday. Shawna and Patt pulled them in the nick of time. But we had no fosters at that time so they had to go to boarding.

Lulu and Nina on their way to freedom!


Edward Shelter

Edward is our miracle dog. Riverside Shelter thought he was exposed to parvo and he was scheduled to be PTS. Amy and I both called and were told that he had been PTS that morning. Someone on Facebook called the shelter back and was told he was alive but would be PTS at 5. It was 3:47. I lived an hour and a half away. Carrie rushed to Riverside and arrived at 4:54. But Edward was very very sick. The amazing vet – All Creatures Animal Hospital – called me in the morning to tell me that Edward had parvo! We fought it and after $1000 dollars he recovered.

Edward on his way to freedom


Jacob at shelter

Jacob was at Baldwin Park Shelter. He was being held as evidence for a court case and was a victim of abuse. He wasn’t networked at all or even on their special pet profile list. We were told he had through the end of the day and Shawna pulled him to safety. We boarded him.

Jacob heading to safety

So we contacted a dog rescue in Canada – Dachshund and small dog rescue. They agreed to take Joey, Nina, Lulu, and Sinatra. They had many applications on all of them and they were all adopted out!

Jacob and Edward went to Lisa in Washington. She adopted Jacob and found a wonderful home for Edward.

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