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May 07 2012

Rescue Tails – Mars, Wilbur, Pringles, Trudy

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Mars was one of our first rescues from Baldwin Park. This doxie/pug puppy had been at the shelter for two months. He didn’t get along with many dogs so he was labeled as needed to be adopted as only dog. This hurt his chances for rescue. We asked several rescues to take him but they […]

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May 05 2012

Rescue Tails – Chelsea, Mr. Beasley and Ripley

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Sweet little Chelsea came to us from a failed rescue. The rescue closed up and abandoned Chelsea and three other dogs at an elderly foster lady’s home. We immediately fell in love with Chelsea. Chelsea went into foster with Shannon. Shawna’s friend Patt wanted to adopt her, but her pug bullied Chelsea. Chelsea was adopted […]

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