Dec 08 2011

Rescue Tails – Noodles and Peabody

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Nice Noodles!

Shawna saw a picture of Noodles, a pug/chihuahua on Baldwin Park’s faceb00k page. She fell in love with him and decided to save him. She actually adopted him herself!

Precious Peabody

On the same list, I noticed Peabody – a sheltie mix. I grew up with shelties and had to save this baby. I asked Shawna to grab him and we took him to the vet and boarded him.

Shawna adopted Noodles and now he is spoiled.  He lives with Shawna, her husband, and Buster and Dewey.

Peabody had tried to bite his way out of his cage at the shelter. Second Chance Dog Rescue in San Diego took him in and he was adopted into his forever family.

I was so happy to save these two precious doggies.

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Dec 03 2011

Rescue Tails – Ziggy, Nicky and Winston

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This was my first caravan rescue.
Winston – 5 year old pure pug, Nicky – pug/dachshund and Ziggy – pug/dachshund, were all rescued by Kristen from Baldwin Shelter. Shawna drove from her home in Anaheim to Kristen’s house in Studio City and picked them all up.

Ziggyat shelter.

Ziggy At Shelter


Then Shawna met me and my husband in Corona where we took the dogs.


And we took the dogs to meet Amy and her husband in Victorville.


Then Amy took the dogs to Las Vegas. Winston was adopted to Amy’s sister and Nicky and Ziggy both found forever homes.

I must say – this was my favorite rescue. The dogs were super sweet and well behaved – they all slept from Victorville to Vegas. And I met Shawna for the first time and she is so wonderful and has become a great friend and an amazing animal puller.

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Dec 03 2011

Rescue Tail – Pluto

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I saw Pluto’s picture on Animal Friends of the Valley – a high kill shelter in Wildomar. He was listed as a senior pug mix. Up until this point, I had only helped transport dogs that others had rescued from shelters but I hadn’t set foot into a shelter myself – except of course to adopt my own dogs. San Diego Pug Rescue authorized me to pull this mix. I headed to the shelter – very nervous. I had no plan for this dog – no idea if I could get him adopted. We picked him up and the shelter was very nice and helpful but my heart broke looking at all the homeless doggies and kitties there. How could I choose this one dog knowing that others would be killed later that day.

My husband and I drove him to a local vet and boarded him there. Then Amy, a dog rescuer from Las Vegas, drove up a week later and transported him to Vegas. He was very scared, a senior, and even snapped at her. The vet said he was deaf and just startled. Pluto found a loving home and has two canine siblings.

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Nov 29 2011

Rescue Tail – Petey

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So up until this point in April – I hadn’t really been hands on in the rescue. I had just funded some rescue saves. When Lisa from Pug Rescue San Diego asked my husband and me to transport Petey – a pug imposter – from Fallbrook to the SD airport. Petey was taken from a shelter in LA. Lisa drove up to grab him and when they brought him out, he clearly wasn’t a pug. She knew she was his last hope so she grabbed him. Tammy from Celebrating Pugs in Maryland found him a home. So early one Saturday morning, my husband and I picked him up and drove him to the airport and shipped him to Maryland. He was super sweet and I’m glad we found him a home.

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Nov 26 2011

Rescue Tails – Wally and Sally

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So you might ask how I got into rescue. I always wanted to help but besides adopting my own dogs and finding a home for Brody, I didn’t know where to begin.

It all started with the picture of Wally.

I’d been tracking him on Animal Friends of the Valley adoptable friends page. He was creeping to the top of the list and I knew that he could be killed any day. But I didn’t know how to help – so when I saw a desperate plea on San Diego Pug Rescue’s page for anyone to grab him, I knew I had to help. I contacted the rescue and got in touch with Lisa who pulled Wally. She also pulled a Pekinese named Sally.

    Lisa took Sally to boarding, which I paid for. It cost me a fortune since the shelter said she had kennel cough. Then Amy, a dog rescuer in Las Vegas, drove up and transported both Wally and Sally to Las Vegas. They were both adopted out. Sally now lives in Portland and Wally lives in Vegas. I was so glad to meet Amy who has now helped me rescue a bunch of dogs.

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Nov 26 2011

Rescue Tails – Izzy and Jenni

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Izzy At OC Shelter

I first saw pictures of Izzy on Facebook. I couldn’t get that sweet puggle mug out of my mind. I networked her and would check the shelter site daily to see if the sweet angel had been adopted. But every time I clicked, her profile would still be up on the website – hoping to find a home.

At some point, there was a facebook mixup – some rescuers had incorrectly confused Izzy with a fat Chihuahua/pug aka Chug named Jenni. Precious days were lost networking both since they were thought to be the same dog.

Jenni At OC Shelter

I’ve been a member of San Diego Pug Rescue as long as I can remember. I have four dogs myself; three of them are shelter dogs. But San Diego Pug Rescue’s foster’s were full and they don’t take pug mixes. We were running out of options – and time.

I had recently been authorized to pull pugs from Orange County Animal Shelter but we didn’t have a place for the mixes. Since I was heading out of town on vacation and both dogs had been in the shelter over a month, I decided to take action. My husband and I drove up from San Diego, with our 8-month-old son in toe, on a pug mix rescue mission.

Freedom! Izzy with my husband – minutes after fleeing shelter.

We instantly fell in love with Izzy – she was sweet, effervescent, and very smart. Above is a picture of Izzy charming my husband.

Jenni however was another story – she snapped at Izzy and was extremely hyper.

Jenni in the back of our Tahoe – minutes after gaining her freedom.

We drove them to All Creatures Animal Hospital in Murrieta.

Izzy had a cherry eye – which probably scared away adopters. A shelter favorite, the staff was baffled why this affable dog couldn’t find a home. I scheduled surgery for her and started taking applications for her. Within a week, she found a wonderful home with Kevin. He absolutely adores her (new name is Kita) and spoils her rotten. She is a lucky girl.

Kita being spoiled

Jenni wasn’t so easy – we found out she was in heat so we spayed her. Then she calmed down and became quite lovable. I have a friend who runs a pug rescue in Maryland – and she had an adopter who wanted Jenni. So I shipped Jenni to Maryland – and her mom loves her.

Jenni and her mom in Maryland

I would like to thank the wonderful staff of OC Animal Shelter, especially Katie Ingram and Tammy Osborn. I’m so delighted that I was able to help these wonderful dogs find loving homes.

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Nov 26 2011

Rescue Tail – Brody

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I spend all my free time rescuing dogs from death row shelters. The first dog I ever rescued was not from a shelter though. Back in April 2009, a cute puggle was found running down Winchester Road by our vet tech named Sandy. She took him to her work and called us since we had 4 pug/mix dogs and asked if we could take him. We couldn’t but we didn’t want him to go to the shelter, so we took him to our place. Luckily, our pet sitter, Heather, wanted to adopt him and he found a home. She named him Brody.

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